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War on Cancer is a Fraud

REMEMBER: You have options! Chemo is not one of them!! Chemo kills and those who market it should be put out of business and jailed... AND remember cancers spread once they are cut on.......


Pics from squamous cell extraction January 2018


In regards to skin cancers, All three skin cancers can be extracted with herbal salves...and the removal of 'skin tags' is one of the biggest money games in the med field...

Here are some squamous cell I have extracted...

New tumor extracted from my ear with black salve.. Feb 16.2014 This is one of the largest that has come off of me.. so had about four or five days and some nights with pain so bad I couldn't sleep. More images from years past at bottom of this page...

March 2015 - Removing Tumor from nose with black salve... . total time per spot is about 9 days...​

Healing up

Misc pics below of ones I've extracted..

In Scalp


Black Salve products that I use....

Hi Merlin Bechtel,

Important updates today...below is a great testimonial for Black Salve as well as an announcement about internal black salve bloodroot capsules that you should take advantage of because of the special pricing and unknown future availability.

Merlin Bechtel, if you or someone you know have been helped by black salve products, PLEASE share your story with me so I can share it with may just help save a life!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Rick,

Black salve is such a great product. In 2007, my uncle cured himself of a very aggressive form of bladder cancer by refusing chemo and using the black salve capsules. I recommend this constantly to others.

I know he would love to do a testimonial because he went around telling everyone. The doctors were amazed but not real pleased to hear he had healed himself with black salve. They told him the black salve was sort of like a natural chemo but they could not recommend it because it was not FDA approved!

It sickens me to think of the lives that are being lost each day to this thinking. But, to make a long story short, my Uncle Dale never missed a beat after the diagnosis of the bladder cancer and hearing the news that he had 3-6 months to live. He never slowed down until he walked out of a restaurant, tripped and fell on his shoulder. He was so excited about not having cancer anymore that he thought the shoulder would heal and didn't have it checked out. Unfortunately, he got MRSA in the shoulder and eventually lost his life last March to the staff infection. Isn't that something!

I'm so sorry I didn't know about the black salve when I had breast cancer in 2000. I might have avoided the chemo. But, now I know, and I share this web site with someone each week. The most recent was to a person who has bladder cancer and has been told he is cancer free! Time to take black salve if you ask me!

I have been told stories by my mother about how my aunt and grandfather (yes, really my grandfather) put black salve on themselves to kill their breast cancer. Back then, they didn't have much to work with and the black salve ate off the breast, but they lived to be very old with no breast cancer. That's a bit drastic. I was told they bought it from the "Watkins" man who came around selling all kinds of ointments from his wagon. The black salve has been used in my family almost 100 years but I had forgotten about it until my uncle decided he would heal himself.

He also had several skin cancers which he took care of with the black salve ointment. I remember the day in 2007 when he so candidly told me how easy it was to use and how well it worked. My uncle died at 65, but I'm sure he would have lived to be very old if the MRSA had not taken his life.

Before the bladder cancer, he had kidney cancer and the doctors talked him into taking his last kidney. The other one had shriveled up years before from a botched attempt to remove kidney stones. He told me after he cured himself with the black salve how he wished so much he had found the capsules before the kidney surgery and had said NO to losing it.

In my family, it's not "IF" I get cancer, it's "WHEN" but I'm ready to use the black salve when that day comes again. I feel a peace knowing I have an alternative to the toxic chemicals that the pharmaceutical companies want us all to use. Thanks for wanting to share my uncle's story.

-Diane Dees

Hi Rick,

We have great news, we have more Black Salve Bloodroot capsules in stock now and we want to get them into the hands and bodies of our best customers!

We want to thank YOU for being patient during this process. It seems that one of the herbs we use in our Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules was very hard to source this time around.

We are hoping it was just a one-time occurrence but we suggest being prepared in the future by having plenty on hand for you and your family.

That being said, we are going to make it convenient and affordable to stock up right now. We are going to run a very special LOW PRICE for a limited time only, so please take advantage of our generosity right away!

Our Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules, single bottle for just $27, regularly $39.97 (Save almost $13 per bottle!!!!)

Why claim this product today? Because it's important to take care of your body from the inside as well, and this price is unreal!

While we are not allowed to make claims for our products, you can do a Google search for "Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules" and see what some users are saying!

Use the special link below to gain access to this super SIX DAY ONLY SALE, starting today and ending at 11:59 PM, CST in the USA, Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013.

Wishing you and your family all the best!

Best On Earth Products, LLC

To your health, Rick


Doctors are lying to everyone...

hospitals are number 1 cause of death....!

Chemo is outdated!


MMS® (chlorine dioxide)- a miracle supplement and inexpensive DIY treatment for malaria, cancer, Aids and many other diseases?

"Chlorine dioxide has been proven to be cidal to almost all known infectious agents in vitro using remarkably low concentrations. This includes parasites, fungi, bacteria & viruses." from The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century, Pt. 2, by Jim V. Humble

To introduce you to MMS and its possible benefits to cancer and other patients, here is an excerpt from the book “The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century”, Part 2, 2nd Edition, by Jim V. Humble. To understand what MMS is and how it seems to work, you can download the extensive first part of Jim Humble's book for free at

“Cancer, including leukemia: The theory here is the same. Chlorine dioxide gives the immune system almost perfect ammunition to attack cancer cells. We believe the theory has proven true as many people with cancer have told us that the cancer went away or reduced greatly after taking the MMS. However, there is not yet enough research in this area. Still, it’s a lot better than standard medical treatment. People have often told us, and we have noticed, that skin cancer usually dries up and drops off within one week of taking 15 drops of MMS twice a day. We do not claim that the MMS causes the effect, but we did observe the effect. Some cancers are harder to treat than others and in the case where the cancer does not start to disappear within about two weeks of starting to take 15 drops twice a day one should also get some Indian Herb from a lady in Oklahoma*.

... when one is working with cancer and it is not getting better an overruling concept is that you are not taking enough MMS. Start as always with 2 drops in the morning and go to 3 drops in the afternoon. Then 4 drops the next morning, then begin taking it every 4 hours, then every 2 hours. Keep increasing the dosage and frequency of taking the doses. Anytime you begin to notice nausea, decrease the number of drops in the doses. Then begin increasing the number of drops right away again. You could get up to 10 drops every 2 hours while awake. Also remember, you must always activate with vinegar, or lemon, or citric acid solution, and of course, use the 3 minute wait before adding juice or water to drink it. I favor the citric acid, using 5X the number of MMS drops. The secret is more drops and keep at it until the cancer is gone. Find some way of checking to see if it is getting better.

There are a lot of people who say that after taking the Indian Herb that their cancer went away, but again we do not claim that. She has many letters that indicate that. We merely report what people have said. The information on where to get the Indian Herb is at the end of this chapter.

Do not hesitate to go to at least 30 drops twice a day of the MMS, or 15 drops four times a day when necessary, or more. Just keep taking less if you notice nausea, but then continue to increase when the nausea goes away.

As I write these lines, my friend next door has just overcome a small melanoma cancer on his arm. I mentioned that he was taking larger doses at 25 drops per dose. (I do not necessarily recommend doses that high, but do what works). In any case he had already checked with his doctor to confirm it was actually a melanoma. After only a week of taking the MMS, the melanoma began to have a white ring around it and it then became smaller and smaller until after about two weeks it was gone. That is, at least we could not see it any more and there was no longer any sore feeling.

On a small cancerous sore on the back of my hand that would not go away for over a year, I put one drop of MMS mixed with 3 drops of lemon juice, and as usual waited 3 minutes and then added 2 drops of DMSO*. It immediately felt like someone had put a blow torch on my hand. But the pain was gone in 3 minutes. A large brown spot appeared much larger than the small sore. I put Vaseline and a bandage on it and in 2 days the entire brown spot fell off leaving a large gaping hole. I put more Vaseline on it and another bandage and in 4 days it healed completely up and did not even leave a scar. (Note: I have removed the warning about DMSO from this book as there seems to be no problem with it.*) I would say, in this case, that the DMSO carried the MMS deep into the cancerous sore, killing it in three minutes and when the pain stopped it was dead. It is not my suggestion that anyone try this. (Let me know if you do.)”

* Note re DMSO sent in by a visitor of Healing Cancer Naturally: “DMSO delivers whatever you attach it to, right to the bloodstream. Hence you should not wear plastic gloves or use it without being very clean and use glass droppers.” [The reader may wish to verify the accuracy of this statement.] adds the following advice for cancer patients:

Telling if MMS will help the cancer – and MMS cancer protocol Here is something your doctor will never tell you, there has been a medical test for cancer that is 99% effective for more than 25 years. It is more effective, less dangerous and cheaper than all other medical cancer tests. It’s called AMAS cancer test. You don’t have to go to a doctor, the test is available on the Internet. The cost is $165. The kit is free, you take a smear of your own blood and send it in and pay when the results are ready. The test is for specific cancer antibodies that will be present. Go to I have no financial interest whatsoever.

Note by Healing Cancer Naturally: The AMAS test apparently boasts much lower accuracy rates than those stated above. See AMAS test. You can get an idea if the MMS will handle the problem by evaluating the nausea. That is, if you start out at say one drop or even 1/2 drop and it does not make you nauseous and then you begin to increase the drops twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening. That is if 1/2 drop doesn't make you nauseous in the morning, then in the evening or late afternoon try one full drop. Then the next morning take two drops and in the evening 3 drops. Sooner or later the number of drops is going to make you nauseous. You then take a drop or two less the next dose for a time or two and continue to increase the drops. You are always looking for the nauseous point, taking less for a time or two and attempting to take more. You will be able to know if it is going to help you if you can continue to pass the nausea point and increase the drops. What is happening is that when nausea hits, some of the cancer has been destroyed and it is now a poison that the body can clear out. Being able to clear out this poison is a part of it. The body can clear this poison out but it might generate some nausea in the process, or diarrhea or even vomiting. That’s not bad. The idea is that as the cancer is destroyed the body must clean out the poisons. As the cancer is destroyed the body can tolerate more and more drops. That’s the indicator, is the body being able to tolerate more and more drops? If you find that you finally can increase the drops without getting nauseous it is an indicator that the body is doing its job. In the case of cancer, you have got to work at it. You start out slowly but increase quickly. At first you might just take the drops twice a day, but as you find you can do it twice a day without nausea, then increase to three times a day, and then four, and even as much as five times a day. What would indicate that you are not getting well is if the body got nauseous every time you take a dose no matter what amount of dose it is, and the body never seems to be able to increase the doses. If you can take say two drops at a time without nausea and you get nausea when you go to three drops, you may have to tolerate the nausea for a short time, but if the nausea always occurs when you take three drops, it shows that you are not gaining on the cancer. That can happen if the cancer is growing faster than the MMS is killing it. There is, however, always hope. Read below. There are other items that can help. Never, however, in any case stop taking the MMS. So if there is an indication that one is not improving, then I suggest the following direction. Purchase some Indian Herb from Kathleen in Texas. It costs $60 a vial and that is plenty. Phone 806 6471741. She has a thousand letters from people who have been helped. She and her father have been selling the Indian herb for over 60 years. When you get this herb use it with the MMS to get the best results.

[Note by Healing Cancer Naturally regarding “Indian herb”: Jim Humble MIGHT be referring here to the Indian*Essence herbal formula (which is very similar in composition to the better known Essiac/Floressence anti-cancer tea).]

Then get some Paradophillus from Jeff Maehr at 970 7319724, his stuff has cured hundreds of animals and many people of cancer and it is now helping people who I know. Use it with the MMS. The AMAS cancer test listed above gives anyone a fantastic advantage. One can do a test, use the MMS for several weeks or a month and then do a second test to see how much improvement has taken place or to see if any improvement has happened at all.

When I mention drops of MMS I always mean add 5 times that many drops of lemon, lime, or citric acid solution, wait three minutes and then add 1/3 to 2/3 glass of water or juice and drink. Never use MMS without the addition of lemon, lime, or citric acid or in an emergency if you have no citric acids, use vinegar. Use only apple, grape, or pineapple juice without added vitamin C or ascorbic acid. Question re combining MMS with chemotherapy:

I have been thinking of taking MMS while also taking chemo treatments. Is there a problem with taking both in the same day? Answer:

I have had no one indicate a problem between MMS and chemotherapy pills. There have been many who have mentioned that they were doing both, but the fact that no one mentioned a problem does not mean that one does not exist. So long as the treatments are kept separated by over 4 hours, I do not know of a problem. Chemo destroys the immune system. No one can argue that point. The evidence that is available that shows that chemo prolonged someone’s life is always in question. The medical people get excited when a new drug extends one’s life from 10 months to 12 months. The MMS builds the immune system up. Chemo tears it down. Hopefully one would wind up with no damage done when taking both. When considering identical cancers in my opinion, MMS has a better chance of extending life for 20 years or more than Chemo has of extending life for two months.

Note: Healing Cancer Naturally for many reasons (among them high toxicity/side effects and frequent ineffectiveness) does not endorse chemotherapy. Question re unpleasant taste and smell of MMS:

When one becomes so adverse to the taste and smell of MMS that it makes him sick and he just cannot take it anymore, is there any way of overcoming the smell and taste? Answer:

I also have a hard time with the taste and smell of MMS. I only suggest that one do the following procedure if they simply cannot take MMS otherwise. To overcome the taste of MMS do this: First, make sure that you have a supply of 10% citric acid as given in FAQ #2 [at] and buy some fructose from the health food store. Fructose is a sugar that does not cause a rise in blood sugar (so long as you are not diabetic) and is somewhat like eating an apple so far as sugar is concerned. Step 1: Begin by making a new solution as follows. Take ½ glass of water and add 4 teaspoons of your citric acid solution, and then add 2 heaping teaspoons of fructose. Stir until the fructose is dissolved with the citric acid in the glass. Step 2: Activate the number of drops of MMS that you are now taking with the specified number of citric acid drops. Wait the standard 3 minutes. It should now be a yellow colour. Pour the yellow activated MMS into the ½ glass of water, citric acid and fructose. Give the smell a chance to dissipate or turn on a fan to blow the smell away. Step 3: Don’t try to drink the entire ½ glass of MMS and citric acid at one time. Sip it for the next couple of hours washing each sip down with some water. Do this even if you have the flu, a cold, or pneumonia. It will be much easier and more effective against the sickness.

Notes by Healing Cancer Naturally:

1. Somewhat confusingly, Jim's website states the opposite on the subject of sipping vs. drinking, i.e. that it is much better to drink it immediately so the CLO2 gas can have its greatest effect, but you can drink it over a 30 minute period of time if you have difficulty with the taste... it just would not be as effective.

2. A site visitor lucidly commented on the "bad taste and smell" issue:

"I've been taking MMS for about 2 months with good success. Personally, I've never had an issue with the smell and taste, and usually have 7 to 10 drops of MMS and 50% Citric Acid several times a day... I've overcome cancer 9 years ago, and some of the stuff that I had taken makes MMS smell and taste like nectar from heaven (in other words, having taken holistic concoctions over the years, the MMS tastes rather pleasant). As you and I both know, if you tell your mind that it tastes bad, then it will taste bad... I tell myself that it tastes great, and will do wonders for my body, and therefore, it does!" Compare Healing Cancer & Your Mind.

Notes: As long as you can see a slight yellowish or yellowish green colour in the glass you know that it has not lost its strength. It should last up to 4 hours. MMS is actually more effective when taken in this manner as the body is continuously supplied with fresh MMS as you sip. The ½ glass maintains a fresh supply of dioxide particles as old dioxide particles go off into the air or are dissipated in the glass. When taken instantly, instead of sipping, the MMS becomes diluted in the body, and the dioxide is generated much slower, thus it is less effective than sipping.

PS. Glen Russell of the free (yes!) Puna Wai Ora Mind-Body Cancer Clinic & Well Being Centre, New Zealand, has drawn up a first small-scale "Observational MMS Cancer Patient Study" (24 original participants, with feedback given by 9 of them) the results of which are published at the clinic’s website and include Jim Hunble’s comments. Among other targeted goals, the study aimed to evaluate the response rate of cancer patients to higher versus lower doses of MMS as well as to longer versus shorter periods of MMS ingestion.

PS 2. MMS is also being used instead of toothpaste for tooth brushing and apparently has led to various healing benefits in teeth and gums.

PS3. While there are many glowing testimonials of people whose health greatly benefited from internal use of MMS, I also read one account stating that a person died (for reasons unknown) after ingestion within 13 hours of taking two drops.


Black Salve Instructions HISTORY: Over the past several hundred years thousands of people have gained relief in variety of ways from the use of an ancient Chinese herb formula commonly know on this continent as the “Black Salve”. The early pioneers were introduced to the “Black Salve” by Native Americans who had received the formula, and its usefulness, from the Orientals who had crossed the Aleutian Islands to Alaska and proceeded south along the Pacific Rim to Chile S.A. There are tales of “Black Salve”, and its wonders, all along the route they took. Some dealing with illnesses humans had encountered and others depicting the correction of the same in animals. In recent years we have managed to modify that same formula and now provide a refined salve for external use, as noted above, called Perfect Balance Black Salve. For internal use we provide the black salve tablets by Perfect Balance Products containing 400 mgs of salve and 325 mgs of calcium. The organic calcium has the energy ion capabilities in the liver stimulating enzymes that become antibodies fortifying the immune system. (Sources: National Academy of Science.) Extensive research into herbal and plant life properties has indicated substantial disease prevention and healing qualities, in several, as well as having a compounding effect in each when combined together. Taken orally and once assimilated into the blood stream, the herbs contained in the tablets have ability to, seek out the undesirable entities and form a veil around them, dissolve them and flush them out of the system in a natural manner with little to no side effects. Shen Nung 3400 B.C., I.E; updated in 1590 A.D. by Lishin-Chen Pen Tseo, Kam Mu, from China.(The Catalogue of Medicinal Herbs) SALVE EXTERNAL USE: READ VERY CAREFULLY USE CAUTION: Apply a thin layer of salve to cover only the area affected. Use Vaseline or liquid vitamin E on the gauze portion of a bandage to cover the area. After 24 hours remove the bandage. Normally a red and grayish swelling will occur, then a few days, a scab. Occasionally a second application will be necessary and rarely a third. After removing the bandage clean the area gently with a cotton soaked in peroxide. Re-apply a new bandage daily until the scab drops off on it's own process in usually 7-10 days after application of the salve. Should any discomfort occur, soaking the area with peroxide for 20 minutes at a time will usually help. It is advisable to use the Salve on an area other than the face for the first time to experience the salve's functional properties. TABLETS INTERNAL USE: Begin ingestion with one ( 1 ) tablet daily, with food, for maintenance or prevention. Increase dosage slowly as your system allows, and as necessary for problem level, to a maximum of six ( 6 ) tablets daily. Should there occur any slight degree of nausea crush the tablets and take with a juice. Usually excessive toxicity or acidity in the system is apparent when this happens. Normally in 4-5 days this discomfort will correct itself. Loosening of the bowels and dark discoloring of the stool may be apparent at this time. Continued use of these products will depend on the severity of the user¿s problem level. The herbs ability to remove unnatural substances from the body sometimes enhances the original symptoms for a short period of time prior to taking control and eliminating the cause of those symptoms from the body.

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