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Ask A Locksmith

  • Ask a Locksmith....  before anyone else touches it .............

  • Q.        I found a deadbolt at a chain store for $9.95. Your deadbolt costs $25. What is the difference?

  • A.       Your professional locksmith has one advantage (in today's ever-competitive market place) over the rest of the retailers that are selling the same type of merchandise. That advantage is knowledge. The chain stores are in business to sell only. They do not have extensive knowledge about the product, its deficiencies or how to properly install it. If you have a question about a product, you more than likely won t be able to call the chain store where you bought it for service, because they have no knowledgeable person on staff to discuss your problem. However, they will gladly take it back and replace it, or refer you to the manufacturer for help. The product your professional locksmith sells is the highest quality for your money. He can tell you the advantages of the products he sells, and steer you clear of a bad choice that you will ultimately regret. He has the knowledge to sell, install and service the security products that you might need or want. He places his reputation on the line with each and every product he sells. He wants you, his customer, to feel secure and to be happy with your purchase.

  • Q.       I have a beautiful 150-year-old house with very ornate doors. I have the old-style skeleton key for the front and back doors. I have been to every hardware store in town and they can't duplicate them. Can you make them?

  • A.       Yes. Most locksmiths have the equipment to duplicate these types of keys. However, you will find that a good locksmith will caution you on the use of those locks as the primary way of securing your house. The old 'bit key locks," as they are called, are not very secure because the construction and operation of most of the bit key locks around today do not lend themselves to large numbers of key patterns. At most, only 250 different bit key patterns are common today throughout the country, and many of the bit key locks on structures can be unlocked with a universal pass key which is shaped to open many different bit key locks. Your professional locksmith can recommend a good auxiliary lock for the ornate doors that not only will blend in with your existing hardware, but at the same time will give you an excellent upgrade of your security.

  • Q.       I have an old skeleton key lock. I would like to get the locks changed. Can you do that?

  • A.       Unfortunately, no. The construction and operation of most of the old "bit key locks," as they are called, are not, for the most part, rekeyable. Your professional locksmith can recommend an auxiliary lock that would give you the protection you seek, and when the need might arise, the lock could be easily rekeyed.

  • Q.   I have 10 keys to my house. Can you make all locks work on same key?

  • A.   Generally, Yes.  Providing same key enters the keyway on all locks.

  • Q:     Can I have one key to open my house, my business,  and padlocks on gates or storage?

  • A:   Yes.  All keyed alike,  or master pinned. That is,  you carry the master key which operates all locks,  and you can give you children a key for house only, and you employees, key for business only.  Lots of options here.

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