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  • Merlin Bechtel

Organic Coffee Enemas

Coffee Enemas

I am not a coffee drinker....Coffee is acidic...among other things, it raises blood enemas are great.. but drink juices while doing them..

I've been doing coffee enemas for about 8 years now... at least once a week.. When I started out I did almost every day for a year... ..and look forward to it...a time of relaxing..

USE Organic coffee only.. it is also available from the Gerson Institue.. along with this and one capsule of MMS2 each day I have been extracting parasites/ rope worms.. and yes you more than likely have them also.. most people do.. as these things die, you may feel sick intermittently, but in the end it is all worth it..and a great happy feeling to see this and other issues happen...Please email us from the contact us page with any questions......

Lots of info here on that also from Gerson Institue...

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