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Sometimes Mirrors Lie

Reg. 12.99   Now $10.00

41 Stories...most of them TRUE stories about real boys and girls with  troubles and problems, who learned the ways of wisdom from the book of Proverbs.  Stories to inspire wisdom and courage to do right.


I Will Pass Over You

Was: $ 7.94  Now: $ 4.00

Dan and Rabel became fast friends. One boy was an Israelite slave while the other was an Egyptian. They find their friendship suddenly becomes a problem when Moses announces it is God's time for the Israelites to move on out of Egypt. Enjoy the exciting adventures of Dan and Rabel as they experience the unpleasant plagues of Egypt and the power of God's love and protection as they escape to the Promise Land.   160 pages, paperback, 5x8.  A Bible Fiction.  that Teaches about the Passover and the Israelite wilderness wanderings.

101 Bible  Stories

A beautiful hard cover book with101 Bible stories in English or Spanish.  There is a colorful picture which illustrates each story, also there are several simple questions after each story.  This makes a "first" Bible for young children.

Poems For Memorization

$ 7.95

199 pages, paperback, 6x9 poetry for all levels, for the Christian home and school.   Encourage your child to memorize poetry.

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