This book provides extra seat work for the fast student who needs something educational to do and for the slow student who need extra practice in certain areas. There are exercises in synonyms, antonyms, language, skills, math skills, map skills, writing practice, reading comprehension, following directions, Bible knowledge, manners, and more. These exercises may be copied within your school or home. Help keep your child's mind sharp!  


Sharpen Up

Was: $ 19  Now: $ 12.00

Inspiration for Education


$ 8.95

A brand new printing of an old book.  It was first  printed in 1922, as "Pedagogical Pep", by public school teachers.  They had their own creative ways of challenging their students and  keeping their interest without a lot of ready-made helps.  This book will assist a teacher in teaching every subject.  Teachers and homeschooling mothers will find it full of helpful ideas.  There are lots of new creative ways to teach old subjects, ways to make your teaching more effective, and ways to challenge your students to do their best.


Compact reference Bible. Maps/Index, words of Jesus in red, concordance, ribbon marker, lifetime guarantee.

Bible Verse Posters (English)

$ 7.95

 50 English Bible Verse Posters on pad. May be copied in your home or classroom.

$ 7.95

199 pages, paperback, 6x9 poetry for all levels, for the Christian home and school.

Poems For Memorization

$ 2.25

Memorize as you color Psalm 23.  Available in Spanish.


Puzzling Fun For Everyone

$ 5.50

100 page, 5x8 spiral-bound puzzle book. Fun for all ages.

School Posters

$ 12.00

70 posters on a pad. 8 1\2 x 11. Posters to motivate, challenge, and encourage.4-12 grades.
Posters to color, hang, memorize, and put to practice in everyday living.



$ 12.99

This is an early teens book of

practical ways children lived and illustrated the book of Proverbs.

Most of the stories really happened. 277 pages of stories to

inspire wisdom and courage.